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Our Services

Medication Adherence

- Training of Patient, Family and Caregiver
- Medication Reminding
- Pharmacovigilance/ Adverse Events Management
- Patient's Needs and Condition Follow Up
- Doctor's Reporting and Medical Record Updating

Homecare & Home Support

- Support to Medicines with Injection
- Trauma Care
- Clinical Testing
- Drug Delivery & Prescription Refill

Health Coaching

- Self-Management In Therapy
- Emotional Support of Patients, Family and Caregivers
- Assessment and Monitoring of Patient's Needs
- Advice and Guidance with Reference to Healthcare System


- Patient Support Programmes (PSPs) Design
- eHealth Strategy
- Cost Efficacy Programmes Design
- Healthcare Market Research and Consultation

About Us

GHI is active with the target of deploying health care services to the dynamically developing health sector.

These health care services are designed to be offered to both the business sector of the UK health industry (B2B) and the individuals customers either in need of health support or desiring wellness guidance (B2C). Success in this target demands employing a range of operations that extend from Medical Examinations to Patient Support Programs (PSP) services. Part of its activities is an extended choice of Psychological Support services to patients.

Through chosen collaborations, GHI  can offer services regarding body and energy psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and other methods, to individuals and groups via individual meetings, groups, seminars and VOIP/Phone based communication. The goal of the above services is to help people activate their inner resources while taking advantage of environmental offered support, in order to attain high health levels in the fastest possible way.

GHI is also engaged in providing private customers with guidelines on wellness practices that increase everyday wellbeing. 

GHI follows very closely all relevant technological developments and invests in offering to the public the new wave of IoT (Internet of Things) based services. 

GHI is the company that implements the above concept as part of a wider European network under establishment in a number of European countries.


"I've had the best experience possible working with GHI. They have played a significant part in my health's improvement. The nurse that used to visit me always tried to relieve me from the stress before she administered my drugs, our collaboration was excellent. She was always polite and punctual. I was so impressed when she insisted on visiting me on a day with very heavy snowfall - she did her best to make sure I follow my treatment plan precisely. The call center agents kept calling me on regular basis. We didn't just talk about the treatment, but I also got to share some concerns I had from time to time. For me, it was like some kind of therapy - talking to them gave me the strength to carry on and learn how to deal with my health issues. I would really like to thank GHI.
Along with my mother and doctor, they provided such crucial support and helped me get better." 


"I am the sole caregiver for my mother-in-law and I get really stressed, I want to help her any way I can, I want everything to be done properly. I also have to take care of my own family, my children and my husband, so things are not very easy for me. Through a Patient-Family-Caregiver Training I had the chance to train myself on administering the drug and now I can help my mother in law with her medication. This way, it takes less effort and less time and I can always be sure that we'll follow her treatment plan according to the doctor's instructions. We used to visit her doctor every time she had an injection planned - commuting was difficult for both of us. GHI changed that."


"My health problems have been troubling me for many years and I have been through every emotional stage... anger, disappointment, depression, despair, suicidal thoughts. The degree that I was helped on a practical and psychological level is amazing.
I never expected so much interest in my situation from anyone."


"Now I'm carefree, since I don't have to commute and struggle to remember the dates when I have to take my medicine. GHI provides reminders for the next scheduled injection. That helps me a lot because I tend to forget, it's my condition that makes me really forgetful. I have a toddler that needs me to take care of him and to do that, I have to be in good health. I feel they are by my side.
 I feel I am not alone out here."